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Customized Chargeback Coaching & Assistance
for Efficient Case Handling

Keeping staff informed on current chargeback rules is vital to resolving cases efficiently. If your staff lacks up-to-date knowledge, your business could be losing money.

Fi911 offers an in-depth understanding of how to effectively use the chargeback rules. From identifying customer dispute initiation, to arbitration and all other chargeback-related activities, you’ll learn everything you need to establish confidence in your chargeback best practices.

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Our services provide unparalleled advantages:

Training on current chargeback rules provided by experts with more than 165 collective years of experience in the payments industry

Section 75 training available and delivered by industry-leading experts

Improved end-to-end efficiency in resolving chargeback cases

Eradicate unnecessary scheme fines and penalties by correctly applying chargeback rules

Improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand reputation with efficient and correct case handling

Access to on-demand support and an easy-to-navigate chargeback rule library

Contact us today to see why Fi911 is rapidly becoming the go-to technology partner for acquirers, payment processors, card issuers, ISOs, payment facilitators and more.