Allow us to introduce our sister company: Chargebacks911®. This firm protects more than 2.4 billion transactions annually to help online merchants optimize profitability through dispute management from their headquarters in the Tampa Bay area. However, there’s a lot more to the Chargebacks911 story than that.

Why Was Chargebacks911 Created?

The foundations of Chargebacks911 were not rooted in banking or payments. In fact, the company didn’t evolve from the financial sector at all.

Chargebacks911 was launched in 2011 by Monica Eaton, a merchant who had poured years into building up an online business, only to see the company’s revenue be eaten away by customer disputes. She needed a fast, reliable solution to prevent disputes, fight invalid chargeback claims, and recover lost revenue. But, after trying every available provider on the market, she reached a frustrating conclusion: there simply wasn't an effective, merchant-centric solution available.

So, she decided to create one.

Chargebacks911 Today

More than a decade later, the exclusive, data-driven Chargebacks911 platform is the only solution on the market to provide true end-to-end chargeback prevention and remediation technology.

Chargebacks911 now provides highly scalable enterprise solutions for decreasing payment disputes and recovering revenue that would otherwise be lost to invalid chargebacks. Offering the industry’s only performance-based ROI guarantee, the company uses a proprietary suite of software and service products to provide cost-effective, end-to-end chargeback management solutions.

Chargebacks911 stands as the first global company fully dedicated to helping merchants combat post-transactional chargeback misuse. As mentioned above, they protect billions of online transactions every year, representing clients in 87 different countries. Recognized as the leading global service provider in the dispute management space, the company has been lauded with honors including Best Chargeback Management Program, Best B2B Software, and Best Industry Solution, to name just a few.

The Future of Dispute Management

As proud as we are of what our teammates at Chargebacks911 have been able to accomplish, we also know that this is only the beginning.

The team at Chargebacks911 are more than experts in chargeback reduction or responding to disputes. They’ve leveraged their experience and insight to create proprietary technologies and services that simply did not exist before, and which have still not been surpassed by any other source.

It’s not enough to simply address today’s leading market challenges, though. The folks at Chargebacks911 are working to identify and develop solutions for the needs of tomorrow's merchants and payment professionals, and are pushing for new developments and innovation in payment industry policy as well.

Changing Our Community. Changing the World.

The Chargebacks911 team pride themselves on their commitment to innovation and client dedication. However, they’re even more proud of the cooperative culture the team shares, and their ongoing efforts to give back to people in the local community.

Chargebacks911 are financial supporters of the Paid for Grades program, which provides cash incentives to Bay Area students as a reward for improved grades. Chargebacks911 has already donated more than $200,000 to the Paid for Grades program in 2023 alone.

Chargebacks911 also support other local nonprofit organizations through their Take Charge for Charity program. As part of this initiative, Chargebacks911 makes a financial contribution to organizations on the front lines of meeting the needs of their local community, as well as the world at large.

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